Friday, 16 December 2016

Goodbye Haypark =(

this will be the last time I post here. Today this is my last day here at Haypark, & I'd just like to say bye. =0
        *Sad Music Plays* =(
It has been a pleasure to graduate from this school, & to win Academic Excellence here. The school has helped me to get that amazing award, & now my name is engraved on the big cup. =0
So, bye...

Monday, 28 November 2016

Rotoroa Photo Animations

Hi Guys (And Girls), a couple of days ago we made some animations or just captions for some photos of Rotoroa when we went. I worked with Roman, & Anas. Here it is =O

Tuesday Trip!

Meow & Ciao 8,610 people who visit my Blog!
Today we wrote about what we did on Tuesday, you can read my writing to find out what it's about!

When we got to the main room, we were all excited. We saw some native birds through the window. We saw some Weka, Torea, Tuis & some Skinks in an enclosure. Rotoroa was beautiful alright They taught us about some traps & smells to attract pests or to identify them. We later got to pass around different animal skins that come from animals that endanger native animals or birds. Some were rough, & some were soft. Some people were grossed out but I was especially sad. There was a cat skin… but at least it was a domestic cat, not a pet cat.  

After that, we split into our groups. Group A & B Scott class, & Group A & B Killeen Class. We went on a fun journey around the entire island while Killeen class stayed & did a GPS activity. We learned about a couple of plants, saw a pair of takahe, looked over the entire island from a hill, & much much more. Sadly, no Kiwi. After all, they are nocturnal.

A couple of hours later, we all went to a beach there called ladies bay & had our lunch. Mmmmm, scrummy! My chicken & avocado sandwich was the best! Soon after we went to do our GPS activity. First, we had to locate a piece of paper with our group, it had a pest or native footprint on it. Then return to the main room & try to identify the insect or animal on a tablet PDF. Soon after, we had to use the GPS to find a stuffed bird with a few tracking bands on it. When we reach the location, we use binoculars to spot the bird in the area. We then write down on a clipboard the colors of the bands, & return to the main room.

We then went to a cool museum sort of place & there were some cool recordings by some people that were talking about something (I actually didn’t know) & they were cool. There was also a 3D MAP on a table & a cool illusion in-graved into the floor. After, we put our stuff & got ready to go. We had a couple of pictures taken, then we had a drink. By that time, it was time to go home...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Working with Morris class. Joshua learns about Chromebooks! {Late, Publish didn't work}

Today Joshua & I were learning about Chromebooks! It was fun, here is a G.Drawing of what we did! Mark was with me as well, he was with Zion. I showed him how to use a online stop-watch as he requested & we looked through all the different types. Bomb timers, Sport timers, the traditional Stop-Watch, etc. After, we had a Kahoot for fun. Their first online questionnaire or quiz. We came 16th, out of their class. I could not help him, I could only hint towards the answer.
{But I can tell some just had the senior do it, I saw. }
}Here is the G.Drawing we collaborated on{

Friday, 14 October 2016

Swimming Term 4 Week 1

Hi Blog! Yesterday we went to our first Term 4 swimming lesson for this year. Un-like for the rest of the years, this time we're going every week Thursday. Isn't that cool??? We had our trials for groups & we practiced somethings that we already knew, like freestyle & our own way of swimming. Here are a couple of Photos...

Missing Rabbits! Are these yours?

Hey Blog viewers! Today, I'd just like to ask you if these Rabbits are yours... These aren't pictures of the actual Rabbits but from witnesses that have seen the Rabbits. Here is a poster Jayzel & I made to find the owners.

Do your Rabbits look like these?Rabbit, Gray, Nature, Leaf, ...Brown and White Rabbit

We’ve had these little Rabbits in our Gardens now & they’re eating our vegetables. Are these Rabbits here similar to yours? Well come come over to find & pick them here up at Hay Park School. They are really cute, one is brown & very chubby the other one is Gray but slightly skinnier than the other. They are both fit about the size of a A4 piece of paper. If you hypothesise these are yours call our school phone number 6259531 Now.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Toolkits Reflection {23/08/16}

Hi Guys,
Two Days ago we had Toolkits! It would be cool if you went to the Toolkits & you are reading this blog post! But, if you don't know what Toolkits are, they are when we have a couple of classes from a few schools & we teach them some tricks & tips & they taught us some tips & tricks. It was a very cool experience due to it was my first time with Toolkits. (P.S I was away last year)
I was a Techxpert, which helps with all the Technical difficultys & stuff, also with getting kids connected to the screen cast on our TV.
{Sorry there are no photos}
{I did not receive any of them if there were}